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Marine Drone - Source:

Marine Drone – Source:

Most of the press surrounding drones and unmanned aerial vehicles has focused on the potential for negative use of this technology. However, there are dozens of important tasks that an UAV can carry out that further the cause of peace. Plenty of governmental and private organizations are already using peace drones. Consider these important and unusual uses for UAVs before condemning this technology as just another tool of war.


The proliferation of affordable cell phones equipped with cameras has allowed protesters in Egypt, America, Greece and other countries to document their experiences. These photos and videos can be shared immediately over the Internet. Drones are easily equipped with cameras that can do the same, but it can also go where protesters can’t access. A robotic reporter could be an unbiased journalist that automatically reports whatever it sees to viewers around the world.

Nature Preservation

Surveillance drones are also immensely helpful for monitoring conditions in remote wilderness. Drones for peace can track wildlife, catch poachers and coordinate efforts to stop wildfires. Some engineers are also working on drones designed to spot and scoop floating trash in the ocean. Water-proof batteries allow it to bob among the waves, while a speaker projects an irritating noise to keep dolphins, seals and other sea life away.

Oil Spill Clean-Up

In the future, online gamers may be recruited to clean up oil floating on the surface of the ocean with the Protei drones. This small robotic device is wind-powered. It tows a long tail behind it that absorbs oil, leaving behind nothing but clean seawater. Swarms of the robots could be deployed and controlled remotely as soon as a spill occurred. The Protei project is also open source, meaning anyone is free to contribute ideas and designs.

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